Welcome to our new colleague Richie!

Richie is our new specialised Job Coach at Auticon.

“Hello everyone

My name is Richmal and I just wanted to quickly introduce myself as I have recently had the pleasure of joining the Auticon Ltd team as a Job Coach in London.

I originally graduated with a BSc in Media Production which was a technical course developed and accredited by the BBC, however, over the course of my life and during my career I have formed a passion for autism and pursued a career in this area which I have found to be both enriching as well as fascinating. I also have personal connections to autism, which makes this something close to my heart.

I have over 8 years’ worth of experience working with autism and employment as well as family support and have provided training and consultancy to many FTSE 100 companies.

I am passionate about promoting autistic talent as well as inclusion and diversity within the workplace and so I am very excited to be working at Auticon.

Warm regards,




Auticon: info@auticon.co.uk, 02032 9090 28

Click here for an overview of the Auticon back office team in London

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