The success story of HypoVereinsbank

Business Continuity Management – agile | honest | purposeful

Our client
HypoVereinsbank (HVB) is one of the largest private banks in Germany and is part of UniCredit, one of the biggest banking groups in Europe.

Two auticon consultants were employed at the HVB for a two-month pilot project in the field of business continuity. Analyzing mass data had been identified as the topic in this department. A solution involving automated tools was not deemed adequate since there was no guarantee that mistakes would not be inherited. According to Tibor Konya, the HVB project manager: „What was needed was profound analytical skill.“

The target
The goal of the project was the complete examination of any risk scenarios for the HVB data centers in the framework of agile operations.

Progression of the project
The project was set up to be agile; nevertheless, the team was guided by a project schedule. For auticon consultant Sören Schindler the strategic working method of his team was crucial, as was the clear task structure and schedule as well as the quiet work environment. His philosophy was “to work in a way that makes me replaceable; this gives as big of an advantage and increase in productivity to our customer as possible.”

The solution
During their work on the project, the auticon consultants had the following tasks:

  • Pattern recognition of connections in great amounts of data
  • Checking documents for mistakes and redundancies
  • Checking business impact analyses on time-critical processes
  • Structured assessment of the risks associated with the reviewed processes
  • Processing of mass data

Benefit to the client
This demanding analytical task was expertly mastered by the auticon consultants. Another substantial effect was that the auticon consultants‘ exceptional method of approach inspired the HVB team to rethink established solutions. This turned a successful pilot project into a partnership and additional auticon consultants were employed in other parts of the company.

“We needed a new way of looking at things and particular analytical skills and so turned to auticon. Our collaboration was exceedingly fruitful and productive.”

Tibor Konya | Head of GSE1 Business Continuity & Intelligence