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Exploratory testing – one hundred percent | verifiable | structured
Technical environment: Hybris / SAP

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Our client
Deichmann SE is a market leader in the German and European shoe retail trade and maintains a strong online sales presence. The family business employs over 36,000 people worldwide.

Rapid growth in the online shoe retail business necessitates agile customization to the needs of end users. Apart from usability, client data security is a high priority for Deichmann. In order to continue to ensure high standards throughout their operations and subject them to an independent review, an auticon consultant was deployed in the software development department.

The target
Upon completion of the auticon consultant‘s deployment, a test standardization for all Deichmann e-stores in Europe should be in place. The following items were paramount:

  • Improve software and test quality
  • Cover the full range of product functionality by developing test cases
  • Derive expenditures for quality assurance of future releases

Project implementation
Exploratory testing was conducted with the individual e-shops. Over the course of implementation, the auticon consultant became the primary contact for solutions in the client support department and he was able to demonstrate automated tests did not detect all errors. This is why manual testing was also conducted.

The solution
The auticon consultant leveraged his skills at Deichmann SE in the following areas:

  • Automated and manual testing of different e-shops in Europe (Platform: Hybris / SAP) and their various functionalities
  • Identification and documentation of programming errors, usability errors, and mobile device errors
  • Testing a call center interface using predefined features and functionalities
  • Thorough documentation and reporting of all test cases and errors with indication of possible causes and suggestions for test standards
  • Structured and logical-analytical approach in order to cover all product functionalities in the tests and ensure efficient handover to the client
  • Independent, unbiased view and absolutely honest communication of proposals for improvement

Client benefit
When the eight-month project was completed, a uniform and precise test standardization for all Deichmann SE European online shops was in place. His extremely logical approach, his ability to maintain an overview at all times and his detailed documentation made the auticon consultant a tremendously important member of the project team. The typical autistic skills our consultants possess of identifying and addressing the smallest errors and deviations allowed Deichmann SE to develop the highest test standards. Now the auticon consultant is also involved in other QM areas at Deichmann SE.

“The auticon consultant absolutely delivered the added value we wanted. His extremely precise approach coupled with his very high quality standards in testing were worth their weight in gold”

Dr. Thomas Seeger | Head of Software Development, Deichmann SE