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Perspectives on innovative and creative intelligence

we asked some of our most innovative autistic employees to share their thoughts on innovation, autism, and more.

Autism socialization and stereotypes in the workplace 

Addressing myths and misconceptions about people on the Autistic Spectrum

My ongoing employment journey as an autistic technologist 

As for me, I’m 22 years old, and although I’m not a college graduate, I am autistic, and I’ve felt the sting of a bad job interview many times over.

Providing innovative accommodations in autism-friendly workspaces

While workplace accommodations like dimming the lights and wearing noise-canceling headphones are essential to autistic workers, it’s time to dive deeper into the conversation of workplace accommodations for autism.

Not all disabilities are visible

Not all disabilities are visible

auticon promotes Ivette Marina to Chief Operations Officer

auticon announced today the promotion of Ivette Marina to Chief Operations Officer, effective October 1.