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Building an inclusive talent sytem

How the benefits of an inclusive and (neuro)diverse workplace can look like and how to build an inclusive talent system, read the following.

The female quota in IT is very low – Here’s why

The reasons behind the low quota of women in IT, the social challenges of autistic women and what we can do about it, read the following.

From Biology to Binary

How Paige found her way to auticon and continues to expand her understanding of tech, read the following.

An autistic view on Marketing

How our colleague Louise tackles Marketing from an autistic perspective and puts her autistic strengths to use in communications, read the following.

IT Consultancy auticon Appoints David Aspinall Chief Executive Officer in US

CEO appointment follows capital investment in North American growth and new locations in Ohio, Utah, and Canada

Autism and the global tech-talent gap

Being a tech company used to mean that the company was involved in either the development or the manufacturing of technology. But today, technology has become essential for every business looking to reduce manual labors, improve efficiency, and compete on a global scale.