MindSpark Anniversary and auticon Acquisition Celebration

MindSpark’s 5th Anniversary Celebrates the Journey ahead with auticon Partnership

On June 26th, 2018, MindSpark celebrated its 5th anniversary at its new office in Culver City. As part of the festivities, the employees located in Santa Monica and Culver City came together with their families to socialize. Also in attendance were Kurt Schöffer, the CEO of auticon, and Dr. Gerrit Seidel, managing director of yabeo Management, as well as past and future clients and employees of MindSpark. Amidst cake and refreshments in the balmy Culver City afternoon,

Gray Benoist, Sr. delivered a speech reminiscing of the founding of MindSpark and journey that led to its current success.

Mr. Benoist concluded his speech by announcing the appointment of Rebecca Beam as the new managing director of MindSpark as it joins forces with auticon to expand their operations to the United States.

Kurt Schoffer, Group CEO of auticon, addresses Mindspark employees and family members alongside Rebecca Beam, President of auticon US

Mr. Schöffer shared his enthusiasm for the MindSpark and auticonbusiness models and how the synthesis of both could only ignite greater opportunities for the company.

When asked about the changes he expected to see, he said he expected „only good things“ to come. auticon, which is backed by investors such as the Porsche Family and Richard Branson, has already made a name for itself in the European Market by exclusively hiring individuals on the Autism Spectrum in their consultant positions. The 2016 film „The Accountant“ features Ben Affleck as Christian Wolff, an accountant with autism who consults for dangerous organizations. When the film launched in European cinema’s, Schöffer and auticon had been contacted for interviews about the film and autism in the workplace.

„We want that recognition,“ he said. „When people have questions about autism, we want them to think of us.“ He explained, „We have a saying at auticon: ‚Autism is not a bug, it’s just a different operating system.’“

We look forward to the future as MindSpark, now an auticon company, expands even further to provide meaningful careers and positive life changes for many more adults on the spectrum, while allowing our customers to reach their social responsibility goals. We’d like to thank everyone who took the time to visit us on this occasion.

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