Hello Woodland Hills

auticon opens its 3rd Southern California location in Woodland Hills

If you’re familiar with getting around in Southern California, particularly the freeways that zigzag from the San Fernando Valley to the beaches of Santa Monica, then you know that a work commute can be a nightmare. While many of us rely on public transportation, bikes, and Uber, jobs for people with autism are hard to find, so members of our team may drive long distances to reach us. We wanted to solve this issue.

As the company grew, we’ve discovered the perfect community for our next office location: Woodland Hills, California. The new office just opened, and for the members of our team that now call it home, we’re hearing good things:

“This might be my favorite office of the three,” said Robert. “I like the environment here. Very calm and relaxing which helps me focus.” We agree, Robert! auticon US president Rebecca Beam takes great care in designing our three SoCal offices to create autism-friendly environments with relaxing colors and dim lights. “The couches are more accessible,” adds Samuel, who knows that members of our team may need an occasional nap to get through a long day of reviewing computer code, finding software bugs, and participating in scrum meetings with clients.

The new office is located in a tree-lined business park adjacent to bustling Ventura Boulevard. The office is adorned with German artwork that harkens back to auticon’s founding roots in Munich. The 2,200 square foot space includes an open-concept design with large tables supporting our teams, plus a conference room and smaller executive suites on the perimeter. A huge bank of windows brings natural sunlight into the room with overhead light kept to a minimum. A unique feature is the cozy work stations that dot the lobby, allowing anyone to set up a laptop and grab a Wi-Fi signal. This is ideal for employees, guests, or out of town visitors. A kitchen offers healthy snacks and essential break room needs, including a microwave and refrigerator.

“The thing I love the most is that it takes about 10 minutes to get here,” reacts Samuel, who provides QA work for client software applications, identifying functionality issues that can be flagged and fixed before launching to consumers.

“We wanted to make auticon accessible for people that live in the San Fernando Valley, added Rebecca. “We’re located near regional centers and a community of like-minded companies, such as The Center for Autism.”

The community has a lot to offer. “I like the food… Trader Joe’s right next door,” smiles James. The area features international restaurants, though sitting under one of the many shady trees is an excellent spot for a bag lunch. “I feel very welcome here,” he adds.

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