Happy Autistic Pride Day!

June 18th is Autistic Pride Day – an “Awareness Day” for neurodiversity, individuality, and the equal treatment and equality of all autistics, but especially autistic adults. Unlike the better-known World Autism Awareness Day on April 2nd, Autistic Pride Day is created by autistics, for autistics. It was started in 2005 to help boost self-esteem for autistic people and show them that they play the biggest role in bringing broader acceptance into mainstream society. This is exactly in line with auticon’s mission in serving the autistic community: to accommodate to each employees’ unique needs to allow them to successfully integrate into the primary labor market; to offer them career opportunities, not just jobs; and to enable them to lead a self-determined and independent lives in which they can always be proud of who they are. That’s what we do every day, and we’re happy to now be able to say that our success is documented in our 2020 Global Impact Report.

This year we celebrate Autistic Pride Day with a special campaign highlighting a very different aspect of our employees – their art. Anyone that has worked with us knows that our team members are incredible technologists, but we wanted to let them show off a different side of themselves. Most of our employees have hobbies outside of work, but a strong majority are very skilled artists across all mediums. This campaign is global and showcases some of our proudly autistic employees by allowing them to use their own artwork and quotes to show how they perceive the world and what autism means to them.

We have compiled their submissions in a picture gallery, which will be updated throughout the month with paintings, drawings, photographs, audio and video files. The diversity of our colleagues’ artwork corresponds to the diversity of people on the autism spectrum – or in other words: If you know an autistic person, you know exactly one autistic person!

Happy Autistic Pride Day!

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